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Chas Newens Marine have been offering boat hire and charter to the public and industry alike since 1978

Private Charter and Hire Fleet

With a wide range of vessels from a large steel passenger boats for 180 passengers, classic traditional Wooden Launches for up to 12 Passengers, or even a sports boat for 6.

We have the largest fleet of boats on the River Thames in London to choose from.

Commercial Boat Charter

Our commercial fleet is ever expanding with different boats to suit different requirements. Our fleet is based upon the River Thames in Putney, South West London, however we are able to travel the length of the country dependant on your requirements.

Marine Filming

Marine Filming is all about the right shot in the right place at the right time, with the right equipment and facilities. Chas Newens Marine are able to supplement your filming project or production, fulfilling key roles, including Filming Boats and Platforms, Safety Boats, Marine Co-ordination and Consultation

Marine Services & Marine Event Support

With a large team specialising in Marine Services and Marine Event Support, Chas Newens Marine, are able to supplement your event, project, or works, fulfilling key roles including Safety Cover for Bridge Inspections, Safety Fleets for your regatta / race, umpiring launches, and even marshalling teams.